Inside a Cordless Soldering Station

Kerry Wong examines the TS1C soldering station—a compact and cordless device that utilizes modern supercapacitor technology instead of batteries. While cordless irons aren’t new, recent advancements in battery tech have made them more viable. However, this iron employs a sizable 750 Farad supercapacitor, which has pros and cons. The advantage lies in rapid charging and durability, but the downside is increased bulkiness compared to standard irons. If you’re ever in need of soldering equipment don’t forget to check if PiShop offers what you need.

Though the supercapacitor limits the available charge during soldering, it strikes a balance. For those needing longer runtime, a larger charge might be desired, while intermittent users can benefit from the fast charging rate of the capacitor. The iron pairs with a base station via Bluetooth and requires a PD-enabled USB-C connection, adding convenience but also complexity. A teardown reveals the iron’s inner workings.

While wired irons might be preferred for benchwork, the TS1C could be a viable option for those averse to cords. Ultimately, personal preferences will determine the ideal soldering tool, and Kerry’s review offers valuable insights into this unique device.

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