Raspberry Pi Zero Powers Game Boy Advance Retro Pie Handheld

Cheat_Steve10, a creative maker, has successfully merged a Raspberry Pi Zero with an old Game Boy Advance (GBA) to create a retro gaming project. The Raspberry Pi Zero runs RetroPie, allowing the emulation of various games on the handheld device. The GBA’s original screen has been replaced with a 2.8-inch TFT display connected via SPI, providing better visibility. Additionally the setup uses the GBA’s original buttons for input. It is powered by a 1000mAh battery, making it portable for on-the-go gaming. However if you have the need for something less portable but more aesthetic, then check out the Picade Console DIY kit and the Retro Gaming with Raspberry Pi 2nd edition.

This is the third version of Cheat_Steve10’s GBA Pi Zero RetroPie project, with previous attempts using a GBA SP lacking audio hardware. This time, the maker opted for the original GBA due to its larger space for a speaker module. The Raspberry Pi Zero W was chosen for its compact size, low power consumption, and wireless capabilities. The display module relies on the Fbcp ili9341 library for output. Additionally the button input is handled by the GPIONext library, an open-source Python tool.

Those interested in exploring this unique Raspberry Pi project can find more details in the original Reddit thread and watch a demo video on YouTube showcasing the GBA Pi Zero RetroPie in action. With the combination of Raspberry Pi and GBA, Cheat_Steve10 has crafted a homemade retro gaming device that brings the charm of classic gaming to a modern handheld platform.

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