This Laser-Cut One-Piece Wedge Tenon Locks Wood Joints Tight

Woodworkers have a new joinery technique, the “hammer joint,” designed by Jiskar Schmitz for quick, solid joints using a laser cutter. It’s a variation of the wedged mortise and tenon joint, utilizing the laser cutter’s thin kerf to create a tenon with a built-in wedge.

The wedge, attached to the tenon, expands upon a firm hammer blow, securing the joint without glue or fasteners. While ideal for birch plywood, the hammer joint has been tested in materials like bamboo, MDF, and acrylic, though wood remains its primary application. Potential enhancements, like a ratchet and pawl mechanism, are also considered.

This innovative joint provides woodworkers with a modern approach to traditional joinery, taking advantage of laser technology to create sturdy connections without the need for additional adhesives or fastening materials. Further Jiskar Schmitz introduces the hammer joint as a quick and efficient solution, demonstrating its application in various materials beyond wood, showcasing its versatility in different woodworking projects.

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