Installing Mealie on the Raspberry Pi

Mealie is like your personal recipe library, where you can easily gather all your favorite recipes in one convenient place. What’s cool is that it lets you quickly save recipes you find on the internet, so you never have to worry about losing that amazing dish you stumbled upon.

This nifty software even has a clever machine model, trained on data from the New York Times, which helps it understand recipes better. It figures out ingredients and steps in a way that makes sense.

But it’s not just about storing recipes. Mealie can help you plan your meals and create shopping lists based on what you’re cooking. And guess what? You can run it on a Raspberry Pi, which is great because it’s low on power, allowing you to keep it running all the time.

To get it up and running on your Raspberry Pi, we’ll walk you through the easy process of installing Mealie using Docker. Just a little heads-up, your Pi should be running a 64-bit operating system for this. Why not include a Raspberry Pi into your cooking process with some of your custom recipes saved on mealie with PiShop’s range.

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