The Pironman Raspberry Pi Case

The Pironman Raspberry Pi case stands out as a uniquely feature-packed enclosure for the Raspberry Pi. It’s designed to resemble a miniature gaming PC case and boasts an impressive array of components, including a SATA M.2 slot, a power button, dynamic RGB lighting, and a mini-OLED display. To ensure optimal cooling, it even comes equipped with a tower cooler and an RGB fan. However, this feature-rich design comes with a caveat – assembly can be a time-consuming and meticulous process, demanding careful adherence to instructions.

Despite its somewhat fiddly assembly, the Pironman case offers a distinctive and intriguing design for Raspberry Pi enthusiasts. One drawback is that if you ever need to replace your Raspberry Pi 4, you’ll have to disassemble the entire case. It’s hoped that future iterations of the case from SunFounder will streamline the assembly process, potentially reducing the reliance on numerous screws.

It’s important to note that we received the Pironman case from SunFounder for review purposes, and this evaluation is based on our unbiased assessment. Additionally, this case is exclusively compatible with the Raspberry Pi 4 and does not support older Raspberry Pi models.

PiShop has some cases that we’ve designed ourselves as well, with a sleek see-through acrylic look, you can see the robustness of a Raspberry Pi throughout your work process:

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