Get MOST Into Your Pi

When modifying a passenger vehicle, the Controller Area Network (CAN) bus is commonly targeted due to its access to various on-board systems. However, the Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST) bus, found in many modern automotive multimedia systems, offers a higher bandwidth for tasks like streaming music. Rhys demonstrated how he tackled the MOST bus while upgrading his Jaguar’s head unit.

Initially focusing on the CAN bus for his modifications, Rhys successfully integrated replacement hardware for most functions except the stereo. Transitioning to the MOST bus, which lacks comprehensive documentation, presented challenges. He employed a Raspberry Pi and extensive testing to interface with the MOST bus, enabling him to restore the stereo’s functionality with a modern touchscreen interface. The setup not only controlled the stereo but also managed tasks like CD changing and displaying song information from the CD on the touchscreen.

For a more in-depth understanding of the MOST bus, Rhys maintains a website documenting his findings and information about the system. Adapting older vehicle stereos to modern technology involves intricate challenges due to the complexity of modern car audio systems.

Here’s what you might need for this project:

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