Raspberry Pi Pico Duck Quacks at Cookie Thieves

This Raspberry Pi Pico-powered duck, created by Dmytro Panin, is a must-have guardian for anyone in need of a fun way to deter any unwanted presence. With a simple motion sensor and mini speaker, the Pico duck is designed to quack at a moment’s notice—alerting those around to the, in this case, would-be cookie thieves.

The project was inspired by the need for Panin and his wife to cut back on their cookie consumption. After remembering the old adage “The cackling of geese saved Rome”, he opted to create a wireless Qi powered duck that could quack, helping them save cookies. Panin has dubbed the creation “Guardian Duck” and hides the little bird in random places for surprise quacks.

In this project, Panin decided to use a Raspberry Pi Pico as the main driver board. However, this project could easily be reconstructed to use the new Raspberry Pi Pico W. The Pico W, if you haven’t heard of it yet, has the same specs as the original Pico but with the added bonus of Wi-Fi support. With a Pico W, this duck could work as an IoT device and even send alerts through different platforms like Twitter via IFTTT.

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