Resin Printer Temperature Mods and Continuous IPA Filtration

Achieving optimal resin 3D prints necessitates maintaining ideal temperature and efficient post-print cleaning. Yet, standard consumer MSLA printers often lack a resin tray heater and result in excessive IPA wastage during cleaning. Addressing these challenges innovatively, Nick Wilson presents an advanced, all-in-one remedy.

Wilson’s ingenious solution revolves around a diaphragm pump that propels IPA through dual filtration stages, effectively eliminating both large and minute particles (up to 5 micrometers and 0.5 micrometers, respectively). Prior to filtration, a 405 nm LED lighting component serves to solidify any resin traces in the IPA, ensuring its cleanliness before recirculation.

For the resin tray’s temperature control, a simple yet effective approach is adopted. A 12V 150 Watt silicone heater strip adheres to the metal resin tray’s outer edge. A temperature-regulated relay governs the heater strip’s activation, maintaining the resin’s desired temperature. These solutions offer cost-effective enhancements, proving exceptionally valuable for frequent resin printing endeavors. And now that we’ve got the temperature control sorted, why not try to print a case for your Raspberry Pi such as this AI designed case!

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