Tinkerer uses Raspberry Pi to make a giant dot matrix printer

A tinkerer has utilized a Raspberry Pi to create what could be the world’s largest dot matrix printer. Ryder Damen developed a machine that can paint words on the road by bolting it onto the back of a truck. The device uses a series of tubes, controlled by the Raspberry Pi, to spray water onto the ground and form letters. Users can enter text through a web server hosted on the Raspberry Pi, allowing for customizable messages.

The process involved various challenges, including maintaining pressure in the tubes and wiring them to the Raspberry Pi. Despite the trial and error, Damen achieved success and can now write short messages with the truck-based printer. The potential applications of this road printer include delivering messages to viewers from drones, aircraft, or buildings. However, it remains uncertain if Damen plans to release the source code for others to replicate the road printing technology.

This project adds to a collection of unconventional Raspberry Pi creations by Damen, who previously transformed a table into a miniature roller coaster using pneumonic tubes and used artificial intelligence to create a deterrent against package thieves by spraying them with flour upon identification. The Raspberry Pi continues to inspire tinkerers worldwide, as seen in other unique inventions like the Beepberry and a “Magic” storybook powered by ChatGPT.

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